talking a walk down memory lane. these pictures are from caffeine, lazer nation, global dance festival, electric daisy carnival, and the gathering. <3 (NOT THE JUGGALO GATHERING, 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS) 

i’m posting this because most of this life is behind me now. sure, i’d like to go to an event every now and again, but this is from when all of this was my life. i love it and i miss it, it was really wonderful. but i guess i’m just growing up and growing out of it.. and making better choices in my life in general. it’s just not as important to go to every event as it used to be. i have a billion pictures but tumblr will only let me post 10 so i just picked a couple. i don’t typically post a lot of rave shit on here, but i miss it. so, here is a little appreciation post to a couple of the fun events i have been to and all the people who made them so memorable. <3 

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